Woman Buried Under Giant iPhone Tombstone

A 25-year-old Russian woman has taken her love for technology to the extreme by being laid to rest under a tombstone in the shape of her most prized possession. Her iPhone.

In January 2016 the Shameeva family lost Rita and just recently, her father Rais, decided the best way to memorialise his social media loving daughter would be to create a five foot high tombstone in the shape of her iPhone.

Mourners at the Yuzhnoye cemetery in the Russian city of Ufa were stunned when the eye catching grave was 'uploaded' recently, looking so realistic that it almost looks ready to face time.

The detailed tombstone includes a mock camera lens and speaker. The front features a full length "screensaver" of Rita emblazoned on the stone and the reverse resembles the back of an iPhone, complete with the Apple logo.

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Little is known about Rita but her friends say she was a keen traveler. Image: East2West news

The cost of the granite made plaque reportedly costs about $2,200 AUD, significantly more expensive than the cost of the latest offering for at least one of Apple's phones -- the iPhone X currently retails at $1,629 AUD.

Designer Pavel Kalyuk originally created a similar headstone in 2016 as an advertising gimmick and was stunned when people began requesting them.  He denies creating Rita's iGrave and  local headstone makers are puzzled as to who designed the stone.

Dubbed the 'iGrave', photos of the unique tombstone have gone viral with most people loving the unique spin on the memorial and sparking conversation about how much we really love our mobile phones.

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Little is known about Rita or how she died and her father has not commented on the update of the grave.

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