Parents Of Schoolyard Punch Victim Whose Heart Stopped Want Answers

Parents fight back tears as they tell of their nightmare journey back from a holiday, not knowing if their son would live or die.

The parents of a 10-year-old Wattawa Heights Public School boy have spoken out, demanding answers as to how and why their little boy could have been punched in the head at school and almost die with no consequences to those involved.

In an emotional and exclusive interview with Ten News, parents Walid and Rana Chemaisse fought back tears as they told of their nightmare long trip back from an overseas holiday to celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary not knowing if the boy, Nedal, would live or die.

“I didn’t even want to go, my children mean everything to me, but my older children who are adults aged 22 and 20 years old insisted I go and then this happened. I couldn’t breathe when my daughter called me, it was every parents worse nightmare to hear your child is in intensive care,” Rana said.

It's understood Nedal walked in on a group of older boys playing a game in the toilets during recess last Tuesday when he was struck in the temple by another boy, causing him to fall to the ground hitting his head and going into cardiac arrest.

“We want to know how? Why? He was dead! How did this happen at school with teachers around,” asked his father.

It’s understood the older boy was regularly in trouble and had just returned to the school days earlier after serving a suspension.

“The most disappointing thing is we have not heard one thing from that boy's parents, no text, no phone call, not one thing to ask about Nedal’s well being from them. Nothing,” Walid said.

“How can you unleash a punch and hurt my son like that? If he was an adult he would be charged he would be in jail.”

“I’m not saying he should be charged with attempted murder or anything like that but there has to be some consequences. Police and the school say they are still investigating but we don't know what the outcome would be.”

Last week police said they did not expect to lay any charges.

“The size difference is massive why did he need to punch my son in the head like that?”

“I will not accept the “boys will boys” argument."

"I'm a boy, I have three boys at home, we used to play rugby league on concrete at school and never have we felt the need to punch another boy in the head,” Walid said.

Nedal remains in Westmead Children’s hospital having come out of his coma.

“He is still very confused, very depressed, he doesn’t know what happened to him.


"We still have a long way to go,” Rana said.

Police said they are still investigating but there have been no further developments and they don't expect to lay any charges.

The school has been contacted multiple times for comment, but have yet to respond.