First Sydney Strawberries Contaminated With Needles Confirmed By Police

At least four cases of strawberries found with pins in NSW.

There have been at least four cases of strawberry punnets containing needles in NSW, with yet another customer reporting contaminated berries in Sydney's south.

A woman returned a punnet of strawberries to a Coles supermarket at Engadine after finding a needle in the strawberries on Friday, marking the fourth case in NSW. The woman notified police after finding three pieces of fruit with pins in them.

Officers seized the punnet for forensic testing and further inquiries but say it is currently unclear whether the contamination is related to the original Queensland cases or a 'copycat.'

Contaminated strawberries have also been found at supermarkets in Tweed Heads, Taree and Wingham in NSW, Police say. There have also been cases reported in Townsville, Everton Park and Redbank Plains in Queensland and more in Victoria.

Police on Friday warned NSW shoppers after numerous reports of contaminated strawberries across the state.

Police now believe the strawberry brands   “Love Berry”, “Delightful Strawberries”, and “Oasis” are also contaminated with brands “Berry Obsession”, “Berry Licious”, and “Donnybrook Berries" already part of the nationwide recall. 

Any customer who has purchased strawberries from the above brands are being urged to check the strawberries before consuming them.

If the strawberries are found to be contaminated, consumers should take the product to their local Police station, authorities say.

Anyone who is concerned about the safety of a product they've purchased are able to return it to the point of sale, Police say.

An investigation into the contamination of numerous strawberries was announced by Queensland Police on Wednesday, with a $100,000 reward being offered to catch the 'strawberry saboteur.'

It is believed a "disgruntled" former employee might be behind the incidents.