Serena Williams' Husband Breaks Silence on 'Racist' Cartoon

He has called out an Australian editor personally in the his tweet.

It's the Australian cartoon that made headlines across the globe, for all the wrong reasons.

A cartoon focused on Serena Williams' loss and spat with an umpire at the US Open was run in the Herald Sun.

The cartoon by Mark Knight was quickly picked up on social media and a debate over the racist nature of Williams' depiction in the cartoon began- globally.

The cartoon that started it all. Photo: Herald Sun.

In response to the outrage the Herald Sun then issued an entire front-page of cartoons and  declared the start of "PC World".

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Now Williams' husband and father of her child, Alexis Ohanian has broken his silence on the cartoon and ensuing race storm that followed, with his wife at the centre.

In a tweet he called out the cartoon as 'blatantly racist & misogynistic'. He also called out the Herald Sun editor  Damon Johnston and questioned his membership in the Male Champions Of Change group.

According to the the group's website. its members "use their individual and collective leadership to elevate gender equality as an issue of national and international social and economic importance".

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