Popular 'Toxic' Toy Could Be Banned In Australia

The toy has already been banned in Denmark.

Popular kids toy 'Squishies' could be taken off the market following reports they contain toxic chemicals.

Regulators in Western Australia and South Australia are investigating the claims after the toy was banned in Denmark following regulator investigations.


Parents being concerned about the safety of the toy is "understandable", said Sarah Agar, Head of Campaigns at Australia's leading consumer advocacy group.

“While we don’t know whether the same toys in Australia are unsafe, the issue does again highlight the need for a General Safety Provision in Australia,' she told ten daily.

“It is currently not illegal to sell unsafe products in Australia, we want to see that changed so the onus is on companies to make sure their products are safe before they sell them and not simply to react once a problem is uncovered.”

Issues surrounding the toys' toxicity came to light after an investigation by Denmark's Denmark’s Environmental Protection Agency found twelve types of the toys had high substances of harmful chemicals.

Image: Walmart

"All 12 products gave harmful substances in such high concentrations that it could pose a risk if children play with them for a long time," the EPA said in a statement in June.

"The Danish Environmental Protection Agency therefore recommends disposing of all Squishies in the home and failing to buy new Squishies. Used Squishies can be disposed of as household waste."

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The incredibly popular toy, which is made from a rubber-like material and comes in hundreds of designs, retails for around $4 each at major stores such as Target and K-Mart.

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