Young Girl In Hospital After Suspected Hanging Accident In Backyard

Police are investigating possible misadventure.

A young girl was rushed to hospital following a suspected hanging accident in a western Sydney backyard, according to reports.

A spokesman for NSW Ambulance said four crews went to a home on Penfold Street at Eastern Creek about 4.30pm on Tuesday where the five-year-old was found unconscious.

The young girl's father began performing CPR before paramedics arrived, later taking her to The Children's Hospital at Westmead in a serious condition.

"It was an urgent job from start to finish," he said.

According to various media reports, the young girl is believed to have accidentally strangled herself with a cord. A spokeswoman for NSW Police said the circumstances, including misadventure, are being investigated.

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Between 2000 and 2010 in Australia, 13 children died by accidental strangulation from cords, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. 

A case in the U.K., where a coroner ruled a six-year-old girl died from accidental strangulation in her bedroom while playing with skipping ropes, prompted a safety warning from experts earlier this year.

Tips On How To Protect Your Child

Kidsafe passed on some tips to ten daily on how parents can protect their kids while playing.

  • Supervision -- step back, but always be aware of what your child is doing.
  • Show your child how to play safely, interact as they play.
  • Get down on your knees -- this allows parents to see dangers at the same eye-level as children.
  • Check clothing -- avoid scarves, clothing with toggles that can get caught on play equipment, hats with cords and any clothing that could wrap around the child's neck.
  • Buy clothing that has safety mechanisms that prevent strangulation.
  • Be aware of long hair -- pull it back so it can't get trapped in small spaces.