Police Discover Entire Home Converted Into Drug Lab Following Explosion

A home was evacuated following an explosion that rocked the sleepy street.

Police are investigating an explosion in the front yard of a Stanhope Gardens home that blew a manhole cover 15 metres across the street and sent trees and other debris flying.

Emergency services were called to the house on Ashtead Parade, in Sydney's north-west at around 6pm last night.

A crime scene has been established with investigators discovering upon entering the premises that the entire home had been converted into an elaborate drug manufacturing lab.

The explosion was so powerful that neighbours' toilet systems felt the impact with water overflowing in adjoining homes.

Fortunately no one was injured as a result of the explosion.

Witnesses say they saw men in black running from the scene.

Specialist police from the chemical operations unit have been called in and discovered large drums with chemicals in the back yard.

Ten News understands that some of these chemicals were poured down the drain causing a back explosion in the drainage system.

At the time one neighbour’s house had to be evacuated for 30 minutes but they have since been allowed back in their home.

Police expect the area to remain a crime scene for several days. There have been no arrests and inquiries are continuing into the identity of those responsible.

More to come.