Coles Stores Reopen After ‘Minor’ IT Glitch Causes Sunday Shopper Chaos

All Coles supermarkets are now open after an IT glitch affecting stores across the east coast of Australia.

What you need to know
  • Numerous east coast Coles stores were forced to close on Sunday morning after a register outage
  • Sunday shoppers were left dismayed this morning, with some closed for more than three hours
  • The stores have now all reopened

Coles stores have reopened after "minor IT problems" forced the closure of numerous stores across the east cost of Australia on Sunday, causing disruption to morning shoppers.

All supermarkets are now back up and running after technical "communications" problems caused the closure of some shops for more than three hours.

A spokesperson told ten daily that "not a huge number" of customers were affected by the glitch and that stores were now "very busy". The spokesperson also confirmed that Coles had yet to look into whether they would provide compensation for the inconvenience.

Coles broke their silence this morning, issuing a notice that “all Coles Supermarkets are open and trading” and attributing the closure to “minor IT problems” outside their control.

“Earlier this morning we had some minor IT problems in some of our supermarkets which were out of our team members’ control," a spokesperson said.

"We apologise for any inconvenience our customers experienced earlier this morning.”

The outage is understood to have been nationwide, although not all supermarkets were closed. Coles Lane Cove, Brisbane and Eastgardens were among those closed.

“We apologise,” said a printed notice outside numerous Coles stores, "our store is currently closed due to circumstances beyond our control."

The notice outside Coles Lane Cove. Picture: @IntheCoveITC/Twitter
The notice outside of Coles in Lane Cove. Picture: @IntheCoveITC Source:Twitter

The glitch is another blow to the supermarket giant, and comes just weeks after Coles was met with widespread criticism over its decision to backflip on its plastic bag ban, and give shoppers free plastic bags.

The decision to temporarily reverse the plastic bag resulted in a drop in sales for Wesfarmers, the owner of the supermarket chain.