Brekky Wrap: NSW Fires Still Ablaze And Italian State Of Emergency

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

Fire fighters have continued to monitor 101 fires burning across NSW. No homes have been lost in the blazes, some of which burned out of control on Wednesday. The Rural Fire Service says strong winds that could carry embers to new areas of land are a key concern and they will be ready to manage any new fires on Thursday. Total fire bans remain in place for the Sydney, Illawarra and Hunter regions and the fire are expected to burn until the weekend.

Bushfires Burning On NSW South Coast

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has declared a 12 month state of emergency in the Liguria region following the collapse of a motorway bridge in Genoa. The local government made the request after 39 people died as a result of the collapse and emergency services are still working to find any others still stuck under the rubble. The Italian government will provide $7.8 million AUD ( 5 million euros) to the region. This will be used to repair the bridge and carry out infrastructure checks throughout the region.

A highway bridge partially collapsed near Genoa, Italy. Image: AAP

The man who is suspected of driving a car into a crowded pathway outside the UK parliament in London has been named as Salih Khater. The 29-year-old was arrested by armed officers at the scene moments after the incident. He is being questioned by police suspicion of terrorism and attempted murder. No one was killed in the attack, however, two people were taken to hospital with injuries.

Salih Khater. Image: Facebook/Salih Khater.

Over 20 primary school children have drowned on their way to school when their boat capsized on the River Nile. The boat was carrying more than 40 people when it attempted to across the Nile in northern Sudan when the boat flipped. The BBC reports that among the dead are five sisters, however that is yet to be confirmed. Civil defence forces are now searching the waters for the bodies of the dead.

New Zealand's parliament has passed a new law that bans non-resident foreigners from buying existing homes. During her campaign before September's election, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern promised to crack down on house price growth and reduce high rates of homelessness and part of this would be banning foreign buyers. The level of foreign ownership in New Zealand has attracted some criticism as housing prices have almost doubled in the past decade.

New Zealand's Parliament tightens ownership laws. Image: Getty Images.

Monty Python actor John Cleese has announced that he's leaving the U.K. in protest because the country "is in a mess at the moment". The 78-year-old revealed his plans to move Caribbean over what he considers a lack of honest political discourse in the U.K. Cleese said he would only return to Britain once "a government that's decent and might actually start improving this country" is elected. He conceded however that that "might be a long time".

He's leaving in protest. Image: Getty Images.

Broncos captain Darius Boyd has dismissed rumours of a power struggle at the NRL club when coach Wayne Bennett and the team failed to attend a barbecue function hosted by chief executive Paul White. Boyd told NRL Tonight that the whole thing was a"media beat-up" and said that no one had issues with White. He also said that White's function wasn't compulsory and that a few of the players wanted to support Bennett and so instead attended a get-together with him.

Darius Boyd denied there was a power struggle at the Broncos. Image: Getty Images.

It was all happening on the premier of The Bachelor on Wednesday night. There's a mansion, a new Badgelor and many new ladies that are all ready to fall in love. There was also plenty of slang and classic one-liners for which Nick Cummins is famous for -- and some of his ladies proved to know a bit of slang themselves. First out the limo was Shannon and she was "shitting her daks". The was also plenty of drama with Cass because she and Nick had met before. Eventually, Cass and Nick got some time to talk and she told him that he is one of her "goals and dreams". Anyway, tons more stuff happened -- catch up on last night's episode here.

Laughing through all the drama. Image: Network Ten,

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