Actor and Girlfriend Charged With Murder Of Hip-Hop Artist

The incident sparked a mass manhunt over three days.

Australian actor, Blake Davis, is accused of violently murdering aspiring rapper Jett Mckee with his barista girlfriend last Friday.

Known in the industry as “Tommy Blake”, the 28-year-old appeared in the Housos television series as a police officer and in the breakout movie Fat Pizza vs Housos.

But yesterday his on-screen work was a little less glamorous as he appeared via audio-visual link at Newtown Local Court charged with murder.

A body is seen on Minogue Crescent in Forest Lodge. Photo: AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Sporting  “quite significant” head injuries and wrapped in a white blanket Davis didn’t apply for bail, but his lawyer told reporters outside of court he intends to fight the charges.

“He will be pleading not guilty to the charge,” Sydney Criminal Lawyers’ Shareen Chand said.

Blake Davis is also known as Tommy Blake.

His girlfriend, Hannah Quinn is also charged with murder and is said to be very distressed behind bars.

The 23-year-old’s Facebook profile “Hannah Hugs Trees” shows a vibrant, animal-lover living a vegan lifestyle.

In one photo she’s wearing a t-shirt “Meat is Murder” – now she’s accused of playing a part in the brazen daylight murder of a 31-year-old.

Her matter was briefly mentioned in court yesterday morning, but her lawyer, Lauren Macdougall, saved her bail bid until Thursday.

“She's very distressed, " Ms MacDougall said when asked how the young woman was coping during her first stint in custody.

Her mother, Megan Quinn, posted a photo of her daughter’s necklace on Facebook with the caption “We are waiting for you with open arms and all the help in the world xx.”

That help was seen at court where her family thanked reporters for their interest in the matter.

Hannah Quinn.

It's believed the pair were involved in a deadly samurai sword attack in Forest Lodge on Friday afternoon, which killed aspiring rapper Jett Mckee.

Witnesses say they saw the 30-year-old involved in an altercation with a couple on Hereford Street just before 1pm on Friday.

In his final moments, McKee was seen staggering down the road covered in blood before collapsing in Minogue Crescent.

Police raced to the scene but he could not be saved.

The incident sparked a mass manhunt over three days.

Sydney hip-hop artist Jett McKee

He co-founded his own independent record-label, Sub Conscious Records and had become somewhat of an Aussie hip-hop legend, working in collaboration with artists such as Dseeva, DJ Maniak, Nihilist, and Myth4.

Eerily, in one of his tracks, his lyrics speak of being killed.

"I think I lost my mind a bit, I'm hiding from sirens wise guys trying to end my life," he rapped.

A graffiti mural has been painted in his memory by an industry colleague P.Smurf.