Brekky Wrap: National Energy Guarantee Debate And Marathon Runner Wins With Race With Nose Bleed

All the news you need to know this Tuesday.

The Coalition has indicated that it will endorse the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) ahead of a party room meeting on Tuesday. The NEG aims to make energy supply more affordable and reliable while meeting Australia's emissions targets. While the scheme appears to have wide party support, a group of backbenchers, including former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and former deputy PM Barnaby Joyce, are against it. Abbott said that the government has developed an emissions "obsession" and pushed for it to abandon the Paris climate agreement, a deal that was signed when he was in office.

Tony Abbott does not support the NEG. Image: Getty Images.

The Coalition is also set to introduce a new law that would require telecommunications companies and tech giants to provide information about suspected criminals. While companies like Facebook and Google won't be required to break their encryption -- an important factor in ensuring user privacy and security -- ASIO and the federal police can request information to assist with their investigations. Requests are the first step, followed by an order that requires compulsory disclosure of information. Telcos and tech companies would face multi-million dollar fines if they don't comply.

Telcos could face fines for not complying with new laws. Image: Getty Images.

A 23-year-old woman has been charged with the murder of Sydney hip-hop artist Scepaz. He was found dead in a street in Forest Lodge after allegedly being attacked with a samurai sword during a suspected home invasion. After being on the run the woman and a 28-year-old man turned themselves into Newtown police station and the woman was later charged. The man is also expected to face charges.

German foreign minister Heiko Mass has said that Turkey's economic situation has become desperate and he called on the nation to repair ties with the United States and Germany. Recently Turkish relations with both nations have deteriorated after citizens from America and Germany have been arrested -- including American pastor Andrew Brunson who has been in custody for nearly two years.  Mass said that working to grow closer to both Germany and the U.S. would directly improve the nation's economy, which would also help ensure the continued stability of the greater European economy.

Heiko Mass urges Turkey to repair relations with Germany and Turkey. Image: Getty Images.

Two women in Malaysia have been sentenced to six lashings each and an $800 fine for attempting to have sex with each other. If they fail to pay the fine they could face a four-month jail term. Homosexual acts are illegal in the country and the women have received such harsh sentences so they are made an example of. The women are set to be caned on August 28.

Belarusian marathon runner Volha Mazuronak has won the European Championships in Berlin while containing a nosebleed. Mazuronak, the gold medal favourite, got a nosebleed in the early stages of the race and eventually blood was smeared across her face and clothing. She then took a wrong turn in the final two kilometres of the race, allowing her rival Clemence Calvin to catch up. Regardless, she was able to muster the strength to win the race six seconds ahead of Calvin. Following her victory, Mazuronak said that it was difficult to contain the bleed and that it "must have looked horrible".

Singer Aretha Franklin is reportedly "gravely ill". She is currently in Detroit surrounded by close friends and family and her family has requested privacy. Franklin, 76, hasn't performed in public since November last year, and she cancelled two shows, one in March and the other in April, after she was instructed to rest by her doctor. Franklin has not confirmed what she is sick with and has also denied rumours that she has pancreatic cancer.

Disney has unveiled its first look at the Mulan live action film. The remake starts Lui Yifel and is set to be released in the U.S. on March 27, 2020. No word yet on when you'll be able to watch it in Australia.

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