Brekky Wrap: Lombok Earthquake Kills Dozens And The Man Delivering Water To Drought-Stricken Farmers

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At least 82 people have died after a violent earthquake struck the Indonesian islands of Lombok and Bali on Sunday. The magnitude seven earthquake triggered a tsunami warning however, most of the fatalities were caused by falling houses and flying objects. The epicentre was on the slope of Mount Rinjani, where another quake struck just a week ago.

20 people including all passengers and crew on board a vintage plane have died after it crashed into a mountain in the Swiss Alps on Saturday. The aircraft was built in 1939 and had undergone a service just days before the incident. The pilot had also accrued hundreds of flying hours with that exact aircraft. Authorities are now investigating the cause of the crash which still remains unclear. From evidence gathered at the crash scene they say it looks as though the aircraft collided almost vertically with the mountain.

Every person on board died. Image: Getty Images.

The South Sudanese government has signed a peace treaty with rebel groups to end a five year civil war. Under the deal, rebel leader Riek Machar will return to power as one of the country's five vice presidents and the groups will take significant measures to resolve conflict between the various ethic groups present in the country. South Sudan only became independent seven years ago and has been troubled for five of those with a war that killed tens of thousands of people. Previous attempts to find a peaceful solution have failed.

South Sudanese government sign peace treaty with rebels. Image: Getty Images

The government has pledged millions of dollars in drought relief packages, however, there are plenty of things every single Australian can do to lend a hand to struggling farmers. One easy thing is buying Australian produce at your local supermarket and buying fruit and vegetables that are in season. Purchasing 'imperfect picks' -- that is, produce that doesn't look perfect-- is another simple thing to do that really does make a difference. It's also easy to make a donation, whatever the size, to a registered charity that gives funds directly to farmers.

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Imperfect picks taste the same. Image: Getty.

Someone who truly understands the struggle farmers are facing is Chris Cranfield. He delivers water to properties in NSW and while the farmers smile he knows behind those grins lies hardship and despair. Cranfield is a water cater and he has been for about five years. He delivers about 250,000 litres of donated water each day that is used for everything from cleaning tasks to showers. Read Chris Cranfield's full story at the link below.

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Joining Cranfield on a water drop, he tells ten daily the situation is 'heartbreaking'. Image: Emma Brancatisano

This week Ten News will have special coverage of the drought crisis on Ten Eyewitness News, The Project, Studio 10 and right here on ten daily.

A private abortion provider is set to open in Tasmania later this year, meaning women won't have to travel to the mainland to have the procedure. The announcement follows outrage over the sacking of Cricket Australian staff member Angela Williamson who lost her job for criticising the lack of accessible abortions in the state. Tasmania's only surgical clinic closed in Hobart in late 2017 and the new private provider will open in October.

Fremantle Dockers player Andrew Brayshaw has undergone surgery after being king hit at the Western Derby AFL match on Sunday. The 18-year-old was hit by Andrew Gaff 100 metres off the ball and suffered a fractured jaw and four displaced teeth that caved in. While Brayshaw is unlikely to return to the oval in 2018, Gaff is also likely to receive a lengthy suspension. "Andrew [Gaff] is unlikely to play again this year, there's certainly a precedent set. I think Barry Hall got seven," Fremantle coach Ross Lyon told media after the game.

Sir Patrick Stewart announced on Sunday that he will reprise the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard on a new Star Trek series for the CBS All Access service. The series is one of a few under development at CBS however, nothing from the plot line as been released. Variety has reported however, that the series will be a follow on from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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