Drag Queens Use Glamour To Teach Acceptance To Children

In order to promote gender acceptance, these fabulous Drag Queens are using books and a bit of sparkle to help children understand we should all be kind to each other.

In a New York City library a drag queen is dressed to the nines, with colourful makeup and larger than life hair, she has captured the attention of a dozen children.

The children sit transfixed in front of the glamorous Miz Jade while she entertains them with songs and stories.

Drag Queen Story Hour was started by a group of drag queens three years ago who wanted to help answer the growing questions children had about gender, while allowing them to express themselves without the confines of rigid gender restrictions.

Using a bit of glamour and a positive atmosphere, the all-drag hosts fill story hour with activities and songs that preach the message of acceptance, no matter who you are or what you wear.

Miz Jade is one of the many drag queens who run the annual event and welcomes the opportunity to answer the questions from curious children.

"They get the opportunity to ask us basically whatever they want and we get to come to the libraries and expose them to drag, gender fluidity and performance," Miz Jade told Reuters.

The regular story hours have grown in popularity so much that events are now  held all over the world.

"A drag queen is a character you create to express your feminine side or any other side of yourself you would like to explore," she says with enthusiasm and a bit of sass.

Miz Jade said that while the children she spends time with may not understand the whole issue, they understand there is a simple solution to end negativity, just to be kind to each other.

Mor Erlich brings his children to Drag Queen Story Hour and says that it's programs like this would have helped him through childhood struggling with gender confusion.

Erlich told Reuters having an opportunity like Drag Queen Story Hour to him as a child could have prevented a lot of struggle and heartache.

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