The Amazing Moment A Dog Is Found After The Greek Wildfires

The fires killed 91 and destroyed hundreds of homes, but this little survivor managed to find shelter and is now getting the cuddles he deserves.

Amongst the ashes of what is left of the small resort town of Mati, Greece, a small dog was found cowering in an outdoor oven.

The white poodle cross was covered in soot and his fur was singed as he took refuge in the brick built oven during the vicious wildfires that swept through the seaside town, killing 91 people.

Discovered by animal rescue volunteer Artemis Kyriakopoulou, the dog is now in safe hands and has been named Loukoumakis, which loosely translates to 'donuts'.

Image: AP

The perfect name for his sweet nature.

Four-year-old Loukoumakis spent two days hiding in the oven and was timid at first but was eventually tempted out of hiding with some food and water.

He is now being looked after by Diana Topali who told Reuters it was a miracle he's alive

“Even its eyelashes are burned, I wonder how this dog survived, he just looked like a burned shaggy rug.” she said.

Loukoumakis is now in the care of Diana Topali. Image: Reuters

He suffered some difficulty breathing but is now on a course of antibiotics and has been pampered with some grooming.

He is said to be making a slow but steady recovery.

The brick oven the terrified dog took shelter in. Image: Reuters

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