Brekky Wrap: Trump Wants Russian Probe To End And Zimbabwe Election Protests

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

It's clear by now that U.S. president Donald Trump really doesn't like the idea of an inquiry into Russia's interference in the 2016 elections. Now, he's called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to step in and end the investigation altogether. While this was said over Twitter, the fact remains that Trump has asked one of the key law enforcement officials in the nation to end an investigation into both Russian involvement into U.S. elections and how members of Trump's campaign might have colluded with the Kremlin. Regardless of Trump's controversial tweet, his lawyer Rudy Giuliani played down the weight of the request saying the president was merely "expressing his opinion".

Steve Price is thrilled free plastic bags are back indefinitely at Coles supermarkets after the company 'bag flipped' on the single-use plastic bag ban it enforced just a month ago. "It's common sense, it re-establishes competition and it says that the customer is always right," he told The Project. Many however have slammed Coles' back flip, calling the move 'piss weak' and claiming they have "caved to the whingers". Coles has defended it's decision saying that customers need more time to get used to the changes.

Steve Price And Dee Madigan Go Head-To-Head Over Coles' Bag Backflip

Accused killer Borce Ristevski is set to find out if he will stand trail for the alleged murder of his wife Karen Ristevski. It is alleged Borce killed his wife in their Avondale Height home in 2016 before dumping her body in the bush. In the last two weeks Borce has faced a long and high-profile committal hearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court to decide if he is to stand trail. Magistrate Suzanne Cameron will hand down her decision on Thursday.

Three people have been killed when troops opened fire on protesters in Zimbabwe's capital Harare. People took to the streets to vent their dissatisfaction with the recent presidential elections, where opposition supporters claim the results were rigged. The nation's ruling party has won a parliamentary majority with two thirds of the seats, however, the results for the presidential candidate are yet to be announced. The delay in the announcement has opposition supporters wary of election fraud.

Unrest following Zimbabwe's elections. Image: Getty Images

The German government has vetoed the possible Chinese take over of a Germany company for national security reasons. Angela Merkel's cabinet voted to block the take over of Leifeld Metal Spinning AG by the Yantai Taihai Group. Cabinet examined the negative impacts of the sale of the company to a foreign investors and said that the purchase would result in serious national security concerns for Germany. The move is one of the first blocks on foreign investment since the Merkel government passed tough new laws to give themselves more power over the sale of Germany businesses to investors in other nations.

Merkel's cabinet has blocked a Chinese company takeover. Image: Getty Images.

A 17th-century orb and two golden crowns were stolen from the Swedish crown jewels by two thieves on Tuesday. Once the pair had their hands on the jewels they escaped in a speedboat across Stockholm's Malaren Lake in broad daylight. Witnesses say the two men used bikes to race towards motorboat before they jumped aboard a sped away while shocked visitors watched the drama unfold. Needless to say a manhunt is now underway for the pair who are still in possession of the priceless items.

Five players were added to the existing eight rugby league immortals. Pre-war stars Dally Messenger, Dave Brown and Frank Burge were inducted alongside Mal Meninga and Norm Provan. The league decided it was a one-off opportunity to recognise players of the past as well as those who had retired more recently. The new inductees join Clive Churchill, Bob Fulton, Reg Gasnier, Johnny Raper, Graeme Langlands, Wally Lewis, Arthur Beetson and Andrew Johns in the select group.

Aussie maths genius Akshay Venkatesh has been awarded the Fields Medal which is sometimes called the 'Nobel Prize for mathematics'. The prize is awarded once every four years to between two and four people under the age of 40. It recognises those who have made major contributions to their respective areas of maths. Venkatesh has been honoured for his insights into several different fields of mathematics.

Smashed avocado has turned 25, but the man credited with inventing the dish doesn't think it's the reason you can't afford to buy a home. Chef Bill Granger told ten daily that it's okay to "treat yourself" and enjoy avocado with some friends. Granger said he can't believe that what was once his go-to quick snack has become a staple in the diets of Australian brunch-goers. Read more about how smashed avocado found itself at the centre of the Australia's housing affordability debate here.

Image: Australian Avocados/ Bill Granger,

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