Brekky Wrap: Philip Wilson Resigns And Neymar Admits To Exaggerating

All the news you need to know this Tuesday.

The Pope has accepted the resignation of Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson after he was convicted with concealing child sexual abuse in the 1970s. Wilson's resignation comes nearly one month after he was sentenced to 12 months home detention for covering up child sex abuse by priest James Fletcher. In a statement, the Australian Catholic Bishop's Conference said that Wilson feels he is unable to continue his duties as Archbishop as it would continue to cause pain and distress to the community and survivors. Wilson is the most senior Catholic official in the world to be convicted of concealing sexual abuse.

The investigation by the AFP into the raids on the Australian Workers' Union offices are to be referred to the Commonwealth prosecutor. The AFP raided the AWU headquarters in Melbourne and Sydney in October 2017 as part of an investigation. Journalists however, arrived at the offices before police after a tip-off from the office of federal Jobs Minister Michaelia Cash. This tip-off has attracted scrutiny, where Cash is accused of being obsessed with harming union and their members.

Cash's office gave journalists a tip-off.  (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has said that he is preparing to receive more refugees from Australia under a deal that has been labelled a failure by many critics. Hun Sen spoke to Four Corners, saying Cambodia is ready to accept more refugees from Australian off-shore detention centres. The Australian government signed off on the four-year-deal in 2014, which would see an additional $40 million in aid provided to the Southeast Asian country.

A new report into the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 has said that the "possibility of intervention by a third party cannot be excluded". Chief Investigator Kok Soo Chon said on Monday that the plane's change of course over the Indian Ocean could only have been with manual control. The report also shows that the pilot had not shown signs of any psychiatric issues or financial stress. The shortcomings of the Malaysian government's response to the missing flight were also scrutinised. Read more here. 

The polls have closed and the counting is underway in Zimbabwe's first general election since Robert Mugabe was ousted last year. It is expected that it will be a close result between current leader Emmerson Mnangagwa and the opposition leader Nelson Chamisa. Chamisa is 35 years younger than the current President and promises a move towards democracy for the nation should he be elected.

MasterChef's top two have been decided, but sadly Khahn was not to be one of them. Khahn told ten daily he finds it unbelievable that he made it to the top 24, let alone the top three. When the 25-year-old DJ found himself exploring food and hosting dinner parties a few times a week for friends and family he realised "it made me really happy, and I just thought why am I not pursuing it?" Read more about Khahn's MasterChef journey here.

Khan was knocked out in the semi-finals. Image: Getty Images

There's been a long dispute among Beatles fans and the Beatles themselves about who wrote the song 'In My Life' from the group's 1965 album 'Rubber Soul'. It's been long attributed to John Lennon, but Paul McCartney also claimed he wrote the song. Well, academics from Harvard and Dalousie Universities in the U.S. may have solved the problem with a little computing and some statistics. The researchers used the computer to breakdown 149 different components of Lennon's and McCartney's songs to work out a musical footprint for each songwriter. After examining the stats, the researchers found there is less than a one in 50 chance the Sir Paul wrote 'In My Life'.

Brazilian football player Neymar has admitted to exaggerating at the FIFA World Cup in a sponsor's ad. The ad that was published on Sunday and broadcast on several Brazilian TV networks shows the player accepting criticism for his behavior and promising to improve it. While he scored two goals during the tournament, players and fans discussed his on-field theatrics that included frequent arguing with referees, diving and rolling. "You may think I exaggerate. And sometimes I do exaggerate. But the truth is I suffer on the pitch," Neymar said in the ad.

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