A Doctor Asked How To Save A Centaur And The Replies Are Wild

For that emergency centaur cardiac-arrest situation... right?

Every few weeks something happens on Twitter that makes me question why I choose to take part in the Internet.

This morning, I found the latest 'something', and I can't stop thinking about it...

Just for some history on this: Twitter's obsession with centaurs is nothing new -- see below for the classic brain teaser on centaur pants-wearing practice.

Obviously, the correct way for a centaur to wear pants is the top left. They're all legs. They all go in the pants.

But this now-viral tweet from Fred Wu, MD, aptly calling out #medtwitter for an answer, has actually made me rethink why I choose to engage with the Internet on any level:

How do you attach defibrillator pads to a centaur?

Surely it's the chest on the human half of the body right...?

But then what is in the horse section of the body? Is it empty? Are there other organs? Like is there a double up on the liver? Are centaurs able to be heavyweight drinkers? Does the bladder in the human bit connect to the bladder in the horse bit? What about pooping? Is the horse portion just all tubes leading to the exit?


Well, apparently people with medical degrees have some thoughts:

People are really taking this conundrum seriously with numbers and letters about medical stuff and questions of how many lungs they have, I just can't keep up.


Fred Wu also prompted questions about how to resuscitate other mythical creatures, like how to give Medusa mouth-to-mouth.

Anyway, I'm off to sit in a bunker with a good book.