Meet The 7-Year-Old Literally Selling 'Fair Dinkum Aussie Bull Shit'

You read that correctly. This kid is making it big selling bull shit.

It’s an idea so genius it could only come from a child.

Sell cow poo to tourists.

Seven-year-old Robert French has cornered the crap out of the market- he’s (probably) number one in the business of number two.

It all started a couple of years ago, when three hundred people were set to arrive at his family’s outback property-turned-resort as part of the Variety Bash.

Robert saw his chance to cash in.

“I came on my motorbike and I asked nanny if I could have a business. She said 'I'll think up some shit'.”

"So off I went and got a bucket of cow poo, then we bottled it up in little mayonnaise bottles.”

He sold out his first batch in a day, and thus, an entrepreneur was born.

Now, he traipses around the 35 thousand hectare Gilberton Station- around 550km west of Cairns- with bucket in hand, picking up cow pats the size of his head.

He bottles it all himself- while mum helps out making hand-made wooden tags.

Word, and perhaps the smell, of his product has spread throughout regional centres. He’s filling orders for nearby towns, and even has a seller in the Northern Territory.

“I think it’s good because I get to make money and stuff… I’m thinking of taking it online and doing it overseas."

"Daddy wants a petrol car, so I’m thinking of buying him one of those.”

Grandma Lyn- whose blush of blue language sparked the idea- says she isn’t surprised to see it taking off.

“He sells fair dinkum Aussie bullshit," she said.

"I think he's just a normal little bush boy, but he's got a mind of his own. He's a kid born way, way before his time. He's seven going on 70. He's got a big future ahead of him, and whether or not he stays on the land I think he'll do well.”

Robert’s now looking for someone to help him develop a website to expand his business, so the whole world can get a piece of his meadow muffins.

No Shit.