A Brilliant Hack For Parents That Costs Less Than $10

The hack to end all hacks.

Sometimes simplicity is the best.

Have you ever spent an absurd amount of money on a present to have your child enjoy the wrapping or the box more? Well why not just skip the middle man and give them the box instead.

One genius parent has hundreds of thousands of  parents across the globe praising their ingenuity thanks to a cheap plastic shower curtain hack that will save you when you head to the beach with the kids.

Two weeks ago mum Megan Wilson shared a video of the hack in action and it has officially gone viral.

What is it?

Grab a cheap plastic shower curtain, take it to the beach and make a make-shift kiddie pool.

All you need to do is dig a shallow kid-pool size hole in the beach place the shower curtain in it and fill it with a bucket or two of water.

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