Brekky Wrap: Putin Defends Trump And 99 Percent Of NSW In Drought

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Amid all the chaos and the confusion, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shared a few words of encouragement for U.S. President Donald Trump saying that the Helsinki meeting between the two leaders was a success. Putin has hit out against U.S. critics saying that "useful promises" were made between the two nations and that despite the media backlash the two are working to improve relations between Russia and America. Trump look to Twitter to reiterate that sentiment, blaming the 'fake news media' for the negative coverage of the event.

Australian terrorist Neil Prakash has been released from a Turkish prison after a court refused to extradite him to Australia. The ruling came from the Kilis Criminal Court when a judge rejected Australia's application to bring the self-confessed Islamic State member back to Australian for trial. The move means that the Melbourne-born Prakash may never face charges in Australia where he is accused of recruiting, promoting and financing the terror group and urging attacks on foreign soil.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called on the Pope to sack Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson after he was convicted with concealing child sex crimes. Wilson was sentenced to 12 months home detention last month, however has refused to resign from his position. "There are many leaders that have called on him to resign, it is clear that he should resign," Turnbull said. The PM called on the higher powers in the Catholic Church to take action.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called for the Pope to sack Archbishop Philip Wilson. Image: Getty Images.

UK Police have identified two suspects in the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skrpial and his daughter Yuila in March this year. The suspects left the country following the attack with nerve agent Novichok on what is believed to be a commercial flight. Their departure message was revealed via a coded Russian message sent to Moscow that was intercepted by a British base in Cyprus however, it is not clear if the pair are Russian.

ten daily NSW Drought Series

99 percent of NSW is experiencing drought and farmers around the state are left praying for rain -- the kind that will flow into the cracked earth and rejuvenate life. When things are good though, the farmers maintain that living in the country is the best life anyone could have, so much so that young people like Darcy Howard and Rubey Williams are undeterred by the drought and want their future to be on a farm.

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But right now, in the present, things have bee harder than ever. In fact, country psychologists are certain drought and the culture of resilience takes a toll on the mental health of farmers. Even 16-year-old Darcy feels the hardship that drought brings and he expresses this eloquently in a poem he wrote for a class at school.

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There is however, something that each person can do to help the plight of our fellow Australians. They need feed and water for their cattle and food to put on their own tables. Read more about how you can help Aussie farmers here.

The Haunting Poem That Is The Silent Face Of Drought

Three Australian players and 10 from the Philippines have copped suspensions from basketball's international governing body FIBA after an out-of-control "basket-brawl".  FIBA called the incident a "violent brawl" that saw both players and coaches involved in throwing punches, kicks and chairs. 13 players were ejected from the game and the match was eventually abandoned.  Chris Goulding, Thon Maker, and Daniel Kickert have been banned for unsportsmanlike conduct and Basketball Australia has been ordered to pay a $135,000 fine.

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Crowd-favourite cook Reece was eliminated from MasterChef on Thursday evening. While Reece says there's a lot of pressure in the MasterChef kitchen -- the giant clock ticking away, racing back-and-forth from the pantry to their benches and creating excellent dishes all the time, his final cook was the hardest. He had to face-off against one of his best mates in the competition, Jess,  in the final round of the elimination challenge. "When you're away from your family for so long, you're meant to be competing with these people but in reality they become your family," Reece told ten daily. Read more about Reece's journey of food and  his love of the Masterchef family here. 

Zoo keepers at London Zoo have saved a premature baby penguin after its parents accidentally cracked its egg before it was ready to hatch. When the keepers discovered the cracked egg, they realised the little chick was still alive and so carefully removed the shards of shell and then placed it in an incubation room. The chick, named Rainbow, spent a number of weeks in the incubator huddled up against a toy penguin for comfort. The zoo keepers fed it a 'penguin milkshake' of blended fish, vitamins and minerals. Rainbow is now one-month-old and will stay in the incubator until it reaches 10 weeks of age.

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