Brekky Wrap: Thai Boys Released From Hospital And Google Cops A Massive Fine

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

The Wild Boars Soccer team and their coach have been released from hospital after they went missing in a cave system in Thailand. The team addressed the world's media on Wednesday evening, where they recounted the moment the British divers found them. One boy said that he didn't know what to say when he realised they were English so he just said "hello".  Another said that he tried not to think about food like fried rice, while all the boys said their coach was integral to them staying calm and in good spirits throughout the 16 days they were trapped.

The Wild Boars speak to the media at a press conference after being released from hospital Image: Reuters

All 12 of the boys also apologised to their families for the ordeal, many admitting that they didn't tell their parents they were going to the caves. The boys' coach apologised to the parents of the players, however, the BBC reports that he had already spoken to the parents prior to the press conference and has been forgiven. The team also payed tribute to Saman Kunun, the former Thai Navy SEAL who died after delivering oxygen to the boys.

Coach Ekapol Chantawong apologied to the parents of the boys. Image: Reuters

July 19 marks five years since then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd restarted the detention for asylum seekers system. Rallies will be held around the country on Saturday to push for the closure of both the Nauru and Manus Island detention centres and highlight that men, women and children who are abandoned in offshore detention are at risk. 12 people have died in the five years the camps have been reopened, with 3172 people having been transferred there at the cost of over $5 billion. Read more about this sombre anniversary here. 

July 19 marks 5 years since the detentions for asylum seekers system was restarted.

Google has been hit with a $6.9 billion antitrust fine by the European Union. The bloc's antitrust regulator found that Google had abused its dominance in the Android system where Android phones were coming pre-loaded with Google apps like Search. The EU found that Google has behaved illegally by saturating the market with their product where users were encouraged to download their applications onto their phones. Google have said they will appeal the fine.

McDonalds Australia has announced that it will get rid of plastic straws in all their restaurants by 2020. A trial of paper straws will start in August in two outlets and eventually all 970 stores will have them. The move has been praised by environmentalist groups as McDonald's follows Starbucks who recently announced they will abolish plastic straws.

Maccas will phase out plastic straws by 2020. Image: Getty Images.

No one likes criticism, least of all U.S. President Donald Trump. He's faced a lot of it recently, especially since he sided with Vladimir Putin, denying Russian involvement in the 2016 election, only to back-flip and say they he does in fact trust his own intelligence agents.  Now Trump has said that people who criticise him have a made-up condition called "Trump Derangement Syndrome" and one of the key symptoms is "HATE" and they're jealous that he gets on well with Putin.

Cyclist Mark Cavendish has been disqualified from the Tour de France after failing to make the time cut for the 11th stage of the race. He crossed the line nearly two-and-a-half minutes after the limit set by stage winner Geraint Thomas. Cavendish, who is known as a sprinter,  failed to claim victory in the flatter stages of the race which ultimately lead to his demise. Cavendish has 30 tour stage titles to his name, but he will have to wait until 2019 to make that 31.

Netflix has released the first look of Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret in season three of The Crown. She takes on the role from Vanessa Kirby, who played the Queen's sister in the first two seasons on the series. Carter will play her role beside on-screen husband Tony, played By Ben Daniels.

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