Eight Metre Waves To Slam Australia In Huge Swell Coming This Week

This week's waves will easily be the biggest so far during 2018.

One of the largest swells in recent years will slam into Australia's southern coast during the next three days.

A series of complex low pressure systems passing over the southern Indian Ocean are producing a powerful long-period swell that's heading straight for Australia's south.

The approaching swell will affect coastal areas from the bottom of Western Australia right across to Victoria and Tasmania between Monday and Wednesday.

Bureau of Meteorology projections forecast waves up to eight metres in height across the WA, South Australia, VIC and TAS coasts. NSW will be spared the brunt of the system.

Bureau of Meteorology

While large swell events are to be expected at this time of year in southern Australia, this week's waves will easily be the biggest so far during 2018.

This swell event is particularly large because the waves are being created by multiple strong low pressure systems passing over the same area of ocean. This means each successive system is passing over a region with an already active sea state, effectively supercharging the rate of wave growth.

Waves are forecast to exceed eight metres along exposed coasts in the south and southwest of WA on Tuesday, although some waves are likely to be much larger than this.

As the swell won't lose any energy crossing the Bight, parts of Victoria and Tasmania will see similarly huge conditions on Wednesday.

The BOM has marine wind warnings for NSW, WA, SA, VIC and TAS, warning of gales and strong winds on the water in each state. There are also ocean wind warnings for very rough seas and large swell.