'Terror in Fairfield': Jail For Chainsaw Road Rager

A good behaviour bond was not on the cards this time for the chainsaw wielding man.

A man who strode down a Sydney street revving a chainsaw after a brutal road rage attack has been jailed for at least 12 months.

Tree-lopper Alaa El Zien was caught on dashcam footage repeatedly punching another driver who briefly blocked a busy Fairfield street.

He then returned to his ute, grabbed his chainsaw and walked up the middle of The Horsley Drive revving it.

“He caused terror in Fairfield” said Magistrate Peter Bugden, as he handed El Zien a 16 month jail sentence, with a non parole period of 12 months.

"I can’t even imagine the fear and trepidation... running through the minds of the people around him.”

The Magistrate said countless Hollywood films had been made featuring chainsaws because of the fear they cause and how dangerous they are.

El Zien pleaded guilty to one charge of affray. A second charge of being armed with intent to commit an indictable offence was withdrawn.

The court heard the 25-year-old was a former drug addict who used ice and Xanax.

“This offender had an early drug problem which to his great credit he’s brought under control” his Barrister Tom Hughes said.

He was married earlier this year, has a baby due in December and was the sole provider for his wife, and her two sisters, aged 12 and 14.

He was on a good behaviour bond for another offence at the time of the road rage incident.

“It was a disgraceful incident. That is acknowledged by the offender, who has shown contrition and remorse for his actions” said  Hughes.

He said the chainsaw was a tool of the trade for El Zien.

“A mechanic may have grabbed a wrench, a musician a violin” he said.

Hughes suggested to the Magistrate that it may have been appropriate to hand down another good behaviour bond as punishment, provided he undertook anger management courses.

“Not even close” Magistrate Bugden replied.

El Zien was taken into custody, however his legal team has indicated they would appeal and apply for bail.