Take The Free 'Happiness' Test Developed By A Yale Professor

How happy are you really?

Self help is a multi-billion dollar industry -- probably more, if you consider that expensive face masks and soft $299 throws are now categorised under 'self care'.

But as far as free stuff goes in your overall health package, here's a pretty good one: a Yale University professor who has been teaching about the links between science and happiness has a free test you can take to find out just how happy you are.

Laurie Santos launched her class 'Psychology and the Good Life' in January this year, and already more than 138,000 people have registered for the class online.

"In the class I talk to students about how our minds lie to us," she told CBS This Morning on Thursday. "They tell us if I want to be happy, I need to change my circumstances, I need a new job, or a better salary or I need to move. Really you just have to change your mindset. Your circumstances are fine. It's kind of how you react to them."

Her biggest suggestion is to invest more time in real social connections with other people. Scrolling through Instagram doesn't count.

"Re-wire the way you behave. One simple one is just to make more social connections with other people. What the research suggests is that very happy people spend lots of time with people. The people they like, they're loved ones, but also they just talk to the barista.

"We're scrolling through our Instagram feed and we feel like that's social, but it's not," Santos said. "We just need one-on-one live conversation with a human."

Part of that is to not dwell on negatives, she said, using the example of ranting to a partner over a glass of wine instead of focusing on the positives.

Of course, separate studies have found links between forcing yourself to feel happiness can actually make you feel worse, and if you are dealing with feelings of prolonged sadness or hopelessness then you should talk to your GP about a mental health plan, stat.

But in the meantime, you can also take Santos' "authentic happiness inventory" test over here to get a base line understanding of where you're at.