Americans Inspired By Aussie Train Rescue Do The Exact Same Thing

An Australian video inspired Americans to snap-into action to help a woman.

Passengers on a train platform in Boston joined together to help free a trapped woman, after having seen the same thing done in Australia.

The woman was pinned between the train and platform at 5:30pm on Friday.

“The next thing you know I see a guy just tearing down the platform yelling someone call 911,” said Pete Shamon.

Shamon was on-board the train. He jumped out to check it out and recruited people to help him push the train at the same time to free the woman’s leg.

“The next thing I know is everyone started running over and grabbing the train and pushing and you know there was probably 15-20 people starting pushing the train, about 5 seconds she’s out,” said Shamon.

Shamon said he got the idea to push the train from having seen a  2014 viral video of passengers helping a stuck person in Australia.

In 2014 at a train station in Perth a man became stuck between the platform and the train.  His leg was wedged.

The man was trapped on a platform in Perth before being saved by hundreds of passengers. Photo: @nicolastaylor

As the packed platform became aware of what was going on and staff organised for passengers to help them rock the train backwards so they could free his leg. It worked, he was unharmed and the video of the event went viral.

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