Brave Teenager Set Alight By Boyfriend Shocks Lisa Wilkinson

"The only way you’re gonna get out of it is if you do speak up and you talk to someone."

Kyesha Finemore was just a teenager when she became the victim of a horrific attack at the hands of her then boyfriend Brae Lewis.

At just 17-years-old Kyesha was brutally doused in petrol, set alight and left to die by the man she once loved.

Speaking to Lisa Wilkinson on The Sunday Project, Kyesha recalled the moment the flames built up around her face and body as she watched her boyfriend and attacker drive away on his motorbike.

"I kinda froze and looked down at my skin peeling and rolled all up and blood coming out of my arms," Kyesha said.

"Brae was standing in front of me screaming he was sorry."

Kyesha was left with burns to 21 per cent of her body and put in an induced coma.

Kyesha hospital
Kyesha spent a month in hospital after the attack. Source: GoFundMe

It wasn't the first time Lewis had been violent towards her, Kyesha tells Lisa.

She recalls that he would regularly pick up weapons, at one point throwing a screwdriver that landed on her hip.

Her family and friends say they begged Kyesha to leave her boyfriend for months.

Kyesha's mum says she had begged her daughter to leave her then boyfriend.

Her heartbroken mother told Lisa that Lewis had tried to keep her away from them, but that her daughter always insisted that things would get better.

"I said to her a couple of times it’s not going to end well. Situations like this don’t end well."

Lewis was arrested shortly after the 2016 attack and charged with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Earlier this month he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for what the sentencing judge described as a "vicious" and "heinous" act.

Kyesha told Lisa there are days she still struggles to get on with day-to-day things, but says she was relieved with the court's verdict.

"Justice was on my side and justice got dealt and I’m happy with that."

Asked whether she ever realised she was a victim of domestic violence before the final horrific act she said: "No not really. Not until after all the pain I went through it was like okay well no one ever deserves this."

Watch Lisa Wilkinson's full interview with Kyesha on The Sunday Project tonight from 6:30. 

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