Lisa Wilkinson Delivers Powerful Message After Death Of Eurydice Dixon

Reducing The Project panel to tears, Lisa Wilkinson delivered a powerful message, calling for more to be done to protect women.

What you need to know
  • Lisa Wilkinson delivered the powerful monologue on Friday night, in response to the messages of advice delivered to women in the wake of Eurydice Dixon's death.
  • Chilling footage has emerged of the aspiring comedian's final performance, just hours before she was raped and murdered.

Lisa Wilkinson reduced The Project panel to tears on Friday night, as she delivered a powerful monologue in response to the horrific death of comedian Eurydice Dixon.

Through her own tears, Wilkinson spoke of the disparity in advice given to women compared to men in order to keep themselves safe.

"Every day, women are told how to behave, what to wear, and where to go for their safety, and I'm not sure we should be listening to every word of advice," she said.

"I feel like when men attack, it's all about the attacker, what is wrong where this guy, who behaves like that. And when women is attacked, it's all about the victim - why was she there? Who does that? Who walks alone in the park?"

Wilkinson slammed police and society in general for the blame-game that continues to put the onus of responsibility on to women. She called this a change at only a micro-level -- more needed to be done to prevent this from happening again.

"If one woman doesn't walk at night, that one woman won't be attacked. But the problem with  giving this, the problem with giving this advice is that it keeps that one woman safe at the expense of all women's right to move freely," she said.

"We need our leaders to think and speak at the macro-level, and the best way to prevent this crime and keep all women safe isn't by changing the behaviour of women, but by changing the behaviour of men.

"Instead of telling our girls not to walk through parks, maybe we should be telling our boys not to rape them."

Heartbreaking footage has emerged on social media of Eurydice Dixon's final performance at the Highlander on Tuesday night, just hours before she was killed.

In the eerily foreshadowing stand-up routine, Dixon spoke of "worrying about things I shouldn't worry about", before starting a comedic monologue about slave societies and gender equality.

A vigil is being held on Monday evening at Princes Park where Dixon's body was found.