When Angela Bishop Got The News No Mother Wants To Hear

Meet the big people saving the littlest lives.

It should be the happiest day of a mother’s life -- the day that she brings a baby into the world. But for some, it doesn’t quite turn out the way it’s supposed to.

Ten years ago, Studio 10 host Angela Bishop gave birth to her beautiful daughter Amelia, and after a quick hug and a kiss, Amelia was taken into surgery to treat the congenital heart condition that was discovered when Angela was just 19-weeks pregnant.

"If they hadn't picked up the problem in the ultrasound at 19 weeks, she could have died," Bishop told ten daily.

"I had a very easy delivery, just a few hours, and we would very likely have been sent home quite quickly because they wouldn't have known anything was wrong and, without treatment, we would have lost her."

Amelia was just two days old when she received life-saving surgery at the Grace Centre.

At just two days old, Amelia had heart surgery to treat her pulmonary heart stenosis and spent five days at the Grace Centre for Newborn Care, a unit of the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, under the watchful eye of the staff who dedicate their lives to the care of these tiny humans and, of course, their family.

Ten years later, young Amelia asked her mum Angela if they could return to the Grace Centre because they need help to be able to save more babies in need.

But the technology, including the beds, ventilators and other equipment that helps the team at Grace with their 98 percent survival rate, doesn’t come cheap.

Little Amelia resting safely in one of the special beds used for neonatal care.

“The advances in medical technology are accelerating and we are greedy,” said Prof. Nadia Badawi, Medical Director at the Grace Centre.

“We want the best, and those babies and their families, they deserve the best. They did not ask to be born unwell.”

While it’s not the news that any expectant mum wants to hear, Angela knows that finding out when she was 19-weeks pregnant with Amelia, is the reason that she is a healthy young girl today -- she even runs the Balmoral Burn!

As a “graduate” of the Grace Centre, Amelia hopes that she can help raise the much-needed funds to help purchase the best possible technology for the ward, and two years ago, at just 8 years old, she spoke at the Annual Grace Gala in front of a room of 400 people to share her story.

Amelia on stage at the 2016 Grace Gala sharing her story.

You can donate to the Grace Centre for Newborn Care and help them continue their lifesaving work.