15yo Girl Dies After Alcoholic Related Experiment

Police have seized a bottle of alcohol and energy drinks from the house where the girl was found.

What you need to know
  • A 15-year-old girl has died in what police suspect was an alcohol-related incident
  • Police say early investigations suggest the girl sourced an alcoholic drink recipe from an online site
  • Inquiries are continuing and officers have issued a warning for people not to risk their health experimenting with high-risk information sourced online.

A 15-year-old girl has died from what police suspect was an alcohol-related experiment, after she was found unconscious inside  a home in Sydney's north-west.

The teenager, who has been identified as Paris Kemper, was found unconscious at a semi-rural property in Kenthurst  on Friday night.

She was taken to hospital where she returned a blood alcohol level of 0.4, eight times the legal driving limit. Anything at about 0.37 or above runs a very real risk of death, police confirmed on Tuesday.

Sadly, doctors and specialists at Westmead Children's Hospital were were unable to save her, and she died on Monday.

A post-mortem examination to determine the exact cause of death is expected later this week/

NSW police today confirmed a number of items -- including a bottle of alcohol and energy drinks -- were seized from the scene as part of their investigation.

It's believed the recipe consisted of a mix of alcohol, energy drinks and lollies, however police say immediate inquiries indicate alcohol was the direct or indirect cause of death.

“This investigation is in its infancy but early inquiries indicate this girl sourced an alcoholic drink recipe from an online site, then put that information to the test,” Superintendent Rob Critchlow said on Tuesday.

NSW police have issued a warning today pleading with people to be aware of the risks of underage drinking as well as sourcing information online related to alcohol consumption.

'It's an absolutely tragic occurrence and something that is absolutely unnecessary," Critchlow said.

“We have a family devastated by the death of their beloved daughter; they have a lot of questions."

“We will endeavour to find answers, but our message has to be: do not risk your health experimenting with high-risk information sourced online."

Police say early inquiries show the girl was alone at her home, and had no indication of being a user of alcohol.

Critchlow on Tuesday said there was no safe limit to drinking underage and urged people to stop uploading and viewing online content on excessive alcohol consumption.

"We ask anyone who is involved in the production of videos online, that portray the excess consumption of alcohol and the mixture of alcoholic substances, to stop."

"We want parents to engage with their children and be aware of where they're engaging in the internet... or what their friends are doing, and check your access to alcohol in the house," Critchlow added.

"For this to happen in an unexpected and catastrophic manner is really damaging for all of us."

"I'm sure the community will join me in saying enough is enough, dangerous alcohol has got to stop."

Investigations are continuing.