Trump-Kim Summit,Chloe Ayling Kidnapper Sentenced And Robbie Williams At FIFA World Cup

All the news you need to know this Tuesday.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has taken a surprise tour of tourist sights in Singapore ahead of his historic summit with U.S. President Donald Trump. The leader visited Singapore's sky bar, posed for a selfie with officials at a tropical garden and saw the infinity pool at a landmark waterfront hotel to the surprise of guests. Donald Trump has instead kept a low profile, meeting only with Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to thank him for hosting the summit. Trump also had dinner with Loong, where he was presented with a birthday cake ahead of his 72nd birthday.

Kim and Trump will meet on Tuesday and will discuss the denuclearlisation of North Korea in exchange for U.S. economic securities. It is said the leaders will meet alone, only accompanied by interpreters for some of the summit.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has said he would call a Royal Commission into abuse in the aged care sector if he is elected to government. Speaking on the ABC's Q&A on Monday night, Shorten said there is a national crisis in aged care where some of the most vulnerable are subject to neglect and abuse. Shorten also talked negative gearing, the casualisation of the workforce and education. Read more here.

The kidnapper of British model Chloe Ayling has been jailed for 16 years. Ayling, 20, said she welcomes the sentence and is hoping to move on from the incident now that the world is able to see she was telling the truth.

Ayling was subject to speculation that the kidnapping was staged as a means of raising her profile. Kidnapper Lukasz Herba told the court that he met the model on Facebook and they planned the 2017 stunt together. Ayling has always denied this, saying she was kidnapped after she showed up at a Milan address for a modeling job she was offered online.

Homicide detectives have joined the search for missing woman Qi Yu who was last seen by friends on Friday evening. The 28-year-old was last seen at her share house in Campsie in Sydney's south-west and had spoken to her family in China shortly before her disappearance.  Yu's car was found dumped a short drive from her home at 8.30pm on the same day she went missing.

A Sydney teenager has suffered a serious electric shock after coming into contact with an exposed wire from the city's Light Rail construction. Anna Lambden was walking home from a party when she removed her shoes. She felt the sensation of pins and needles throughout her body and she fell to the ground. A witness tried to help her, but also sustained an electric shock and an ambulance was called. An investigation is underway into how the shock occurred.

A teenager suffered an electric shock from a light rail construction area. Image: Getty Images.

Rose McGowan has published an open letter about mental health following the death of Anthony Bourdian. She praised Bourdian for supporting his partner Asia Argento after she publicly accused Harvey Weinstein of rape. McGowan also cautioned Bourdian's fans against blaming Argmento for her partner's death.

Singer Robbie Williams is set to kick off the FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony in Moscow. The 44-year-old revealed he will be performing at Luzhniki Stadium on Thursday for the beginning of the tournament which includes the first match of the event between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Hugh Riminton writes for ten daily about the 'Singapore sideshow' due to commence between Trump and Kim on Tuesday morning. The leaders are wildly similar with their bad haircuts, love of base-level abuse and even in their mutual desire for the summit, even if they have their own motivations. What can we expect from this historic meeting? Riminton says plenty of theatre but not much else. Read more here.

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