Boaters Warned After Cargo Ship Loses 83 Containers In Rough Seas

A cargo ship that lost 83 containers in stormy seas off NSW is headed to Sydney.

What you need to know
  • Eighty-three containers have fallen off a ship off the NSW central coast
  • Boaters have been warned that the containers pose navigational risks
  • NSW RMS says that the containers are not thought to contain dangerous materials

A damaged container ship that lost more than 80 containers into the sea due to bad weather is waiting to dock at Port Botany.

Image: Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Supplies from the lost containers, including nappies and surgical masks, are said to have already washed ashore on the NSW central coast after the incident on Thursday in stormy seas.

Boaters and fishermen have since been warned of possible navigation hazards on marine radio due to the floating containers.

Image: Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Image: Australian Maritime Safety Authority

While the containers are posing extra obstacles for ships in the region, RMS executive director Angus Mitchell told media that the contents of the containers were not thought to be dangerous goods.

“A full manifest of the cargo on board the vessel and the condition of the vessel is being sought,” Mitchell said.

Two of the 83 lost containers have reportedly been spotted near Port Stephens, while another 30 containers onboard the vessel are reported to be severely damaged.

The Liberian vessel was due to arrive in Sydney on Friday but damage to the ship has resulted in it being denied entry to Port Botany, according to media reports.

It is due to leave Port Botany for Melbourne on Monday.