Cheers For Harry As He Kicks First Goal Despite Having Cerebral Palsy

It was applause all round when Captain Harry hit the field.

Four-year-old Harry Waechter may have cerebral palsy and unable to walk, but that didn’t stop him from getting involved in his local footy team’s game over the weekend.

Hitting the field for the under 7s team with help from dad Ben, Harry was beaming as he kicked his first ever goal thanks to an upright mobility device called an ‘Upsee’, which helps kids with movement delays to stand and move with the help of an adult.

"He has a sign that means 'more', and he was doing that all through the game," Mr Waechter said, adding, "To have him involved in the game was awesome, he's now Harry the boy rather than that disabled kid in the wheelchair."

"The kids couldn't wait to get around Harry and give him a high-five and a pat on the back," coach Shane Hatchard said.

With the support of Athestone Football Club, making Harry an honorary captain was also a way for the club to raise money for the KYD-X Ltd — which organises expos with information for other people caring for a someone with a disability.

The family hope to inspire other clubs in including kids with medical conditions or disabilities.

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