Brekky Wrap: Nerve Agent Victim Speaks, NFL Protest Fines And Hawaii Ready To Evacuate

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

The daughter of former Russian spy Yulia Skripal has told Reuters that her life has been turned upside down since she was poisoned. She explained the trauma of waking from 20 days in a coma to discover that she and her father may have been attacked with a nerve agent. "I still find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that both of us were attacked in a such a way," she told Reuters. British authorities have claimed Russia is responsible for the attacks that left Yulia, 33, and her father Sergei, 66,  in a critical condition.

Yulia Skripal breaks her silence on nerve agent attack. Image: Reuters

NFL teams will be fined from next season if they refuse to stand during the national anthem. Some players kneeled during the anthem in the 2017 season, protesting the police shootings of unarmed African American people. The NFL has said that players wishing to protest can remain in the locker room, but those on the field must stand during the anthem.

Residents of Hawaii are preparing for mass evacuations, as lava from the Kilauea volcano races towards the one of the Island's main sources of power. Scientists have warned that the three-week-old eruption has entered a more dangerous phase as lava has infiltrated the property of a geothermal power plant. Workers are scrambling to shut the plant down to prevent the release of toxic gasses.

Hawaii Lava Flows

The search for MH370 will be officially called off on May 29 with no extensions Malaysia's Transport Minister has confirmed. The plane went missing on March 8 2014 en route between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. 239 people were on board the plane that disappeared without a trace, including six Australians.

Chinese-Australian billionaire Chau Chak Wing said he is confident of being vindicated of claims he bribed a UN Security Council official in 2015. Wing's lawyer said he was "very disappointed" that MP Andrew Hastie would use parliamentary privilege to make such claims. WA MP Andrew Hastie accused Wing as being a part of the $1.7 billion bribery scandal that rocked the UN in 2015.

The investigation into the death of a woman, whose body was found at North Cronulla beach continues on Thursday. The body was found by two women exercising at abut 5 am on Wednesday morning. Police are treating the death as suspicious, as she was fully clothed when discovered and appeared to have suffered an injury.

Woman's Body Found On North Cronulla Beach

A teenage boy is in a critical condition after an accident on a high ropes course on the Sunshine Coast. It is believed the boy suffered neck and facial injuries when he became entangled during the school camp activity. He was flown to Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane and the camp has since been cancelled. Workplace Health and Safety staff attended the scene on Wednesday and an investigation is underway.

The search for a missing Perth grandfather enters its sixth day on Thursday. 65-year-old Ian Collett, who has dementia, was last seen at around midnight on Saturday along the Albany Highway in Mount Cooke. Police believe that there is a slim chance he is still mobile due to the nature of his illness and will continue to search for the man up to ten metres from the road.

A judge in New York has ruled that Donald Trump blocking people from Twitter is a violation of freedom of speech. U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald ruled that the president cannot legally block users as it violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The ruling came after a lawsuit filed against Trump in July by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University and several other Twitter users. The judge didn't go as far as ordering Trump to unblock users, but she said she assumed he would do so in light of the ruling.

A Judge has ruled Donald Trump cannot block anyone on Twitter. Image: Getty Images.

As thousands of people who turned out to set a new world record for the largest amount of people stargazing, the audience of the live broadcast helped discover at least one new supernova. The exploding star was discovered by citizen scientists who supplied more than 1 million new data points that help classify images from the Skymapper telescope.  The telescope managed to catch the explosion's afterglow, which came from 1.1 billion light years away.

Star gazers found a new supernova. Image: Getty Images.

Disaster struck on Masterchef on Wednesday evening, when contestant Brendan was forced out of the team challenge and into hospital. During Nigella Lawson's brunch challenge, Brendan tripped while carrying ingredients and sliced his hand open on a bottle of olive oil. While Brendan was frustrated by letting his team down, he was offered a cup of tea by Nigella, which is quite the consolation prize in anyone's books. Catch up on all the dishes and drama here. 

ten daily's Managing News Editor Sandra Sully writes an open letter to Premier Gladys Berejiklian about stadium upgrades as a NSW state election looms. Sully calls the government's stadium policy a shambles and says the money allocated to stadium upgrades could be better used for schools, hospitals and roads.  Do we really want to be a nation of just spectators? Read more here.

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