Big Screen Occasion: Fans On Royal Wedding Watch At Event Cinemas

A fairytale wedding calls for a Hollywood blockbuster style screening.

Not unlike royal weddings of the past, everyone will remember where they were the moment the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tied the knot and the technological advances of the 21st century has seen billions of people tuned in to live streams right across the world.

But it wasn't just television moguls capitalising on Australia's royal love affair, Event Cinemas weighed in with a special screening of the big occasion on the big screen.

The Royal wedding is a family occasion.

"The biggest thing for a lot of patrons is the history, (so) they'll be able to look back and know where they saw it at that time....making memories with friends on the big screen," said Cory Lord from Event Cinemas.

At just ten dollars a ticket, for many it was a no-brainer -- especially with the allure of prizes for the best-dressed.

"Any excuse to celebrate a royal occasion -- I can't resist," Dr Benjamin Austin said, dressed as a noble prince.

His parents Fran and Anthony, also devout monarchists, embodied the King and Queen as they supported the happy couple from the comfort of the cinema.

"There were a few favourite bits," Fran Austin said.

"I loved it when she first arrived and went up the steps; i loved all the little flower girls and page boys and i loved the preacher he was fabulous," she said.

"I think it was more about family, it was nice to see that," Anthony Austin said.

Fans dressed up for the Royal occasion.

Others were adorned in makeshift wedding dresses and elaborate veils, believed to be worthy of a princess.

"Her veil may have been slightly nicer than mine, I think not, " Julie Cornwell said.

But regardless of how or where the ceremony was watched, it was clear Australia's connection to the Royal Family was as strong as ever.

"It's like we've grown up with Prince Harry and i feel like i know all the family so it was like i was at my own family's wedding tonight to be honest," Harriet Kelly said.