Stories You May Have Missed When The Royal Wedding Eclipsed The News

Yes, the royal wedding happened last weekend, but so did a lot of other stuff.

Authorities have ordered residents in some areas of Hawaii to evacuate immediately as the danger of the erupting volcano continues. Lava was less than a kilometre away as residents fled their homes and some escape routes where under threat of being engulfed by lava altogether. A man's leg was also hit by lava splatter was he attempted to escape. This is the first major injury reported as a result of the eruptions.

110 people died on Friday when a commercial plane crashed near Havana airport in Cuba. Since the crash, two ex-pilots have said Damojh Airlines, where the plane was rented from, had been receiving safety complaints. One of the two black boxes from the crash has been recovered and is said to hold vital information about the incident.

110 people confirmed dead after a plane crash near Havana. Image: Getty Images

Sante Fe, Texas continues to mourn the 10 people killed in America's latest mass shooting. Seventeen-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis shot eight students and two teachers when he opened fire at a Texas high school on Friday. While Pagourtzis' family was completely shocked by the rampage, the incoming president of the NRA blamed drugs such as Ritalin for making shooters attack.

Actress Asia Argento gave a powerful address at the Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony, taking aim at movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Argento alleged during her speech that Weinstein raped her during the Cannes Film Festival in 1997, when she was just 21-years-old.  “This festival was his hunting ground," Argento said.

The Commonwealth Bank has confirmed that thousands of children's accounts were manipulated by staff so they would earn bonuses. Branch staff do not receive a bonus if a deposit isn't made into a child's Dollarmite account every 30 days. Payments of just a few cents were made to the accounts once a month so a bonus would be received. CBA's CEO Matt Comyn called the practice "a breach of trust" but said customers were not financially compromised.

CBA Confirms Manilpulation Of Kid's Accounts

In the NRL, Melbourne Storm's Curtis Scott has copped a three-match ban for punching Manly's Dylan Walker repeatedly during a match on Saturday night. Walker was left with serious injuries, including a broken eye socket and is facing at least six weeks off as he recovers. Storm coach Craig Bellamy condemned the behavior, saying Scott should have kept a level head.

Chelsea defeated Manchester United 1-0 to win the FA Cup final. Eden Hazzard found the back of the net in the 22nd minute at Wembley Stadium on Saturday. Hazzard attributed his team's win to playing defensively and said he was glad to finish the season with a win, even if Chelsea's performance throughout was less than impressive.

Saturday was Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding but it was also World Dog Day. The day is both an international celebration of all things canine and a chance to raise awareness over problems that face dogs like injury and sickness. Check out all the ways you can give back to your doggo, not just each World Dog Day, but every day right here.