Manus Asylum Seekers Without Food, Power After Fire In Accommodation Facility

'There is no electricity and no kitchen', one asylum seeker reported

A devastating fire has torched an accommodation facility for asylum seekers on Manus Island, with claims residents were left without power or food after damage to the building.

Asylum seekers on Manus reported a "big fire" in the Hillside facility around 4pm local time (11am AEST) on Sunday.

"It is not known where the fire started but it is said it started in the kitchen. Nobody was hurt but there is no electricity and no kitchen," an asylum seeker told ten daily.

Fire damage to the Hillside centre

"The Hillside men are now sitting outside in the dark. The generators are broken, there is no power at all. The authorities are doing nothing to find the men somewhere to sleep."

Photos supplied claim to show extensive damage to the walls and roof of at least one room, with debris strewn across the floor.

Photos supplied by asylum seekers show the damage to the Manus Island Hillside centre

Hillside, one of three facilities opened to house refugees and asylum seekers following the closure of the Lombrum processing centre in October last year, holds several hundred men who have been claimed asylum but were found to not be genuine refugees.

"Now there's no power in Hillside," another asylum seeker told ten daily.

Asylum seekers at Hillside claimed that the kitchen was damaged to such an extent that residents had no dinner last night.

Photos supplied by asylum seekers show the damage to the Manus Island Hillside centre

"With no room and no bed, some went to [East Lorengau Refugee Transit Centre, another facility housing refugees on Manus] but the guards would not let them in and called the police," the asylum seeker said.

"Now whole burden is on [West Lorengau, another facility]. Already we are overcrowded. There's no space. We are doing our best to give shelter to these guys."

Inside the Hillside centre after the fire

The asylum seeker told ten daily "limited amount of food is being distributed in very small packs" after the kitchen was damaged.

The Hillside complex has been plagued with issues and controversy since its opening. In November, electricity supply to the facility was knocked out, with claims that local Papua New Guineans had stolen cables from the building.

That same month, advocates from GetUp! shared video footage claiming to show faulty showers and bathroom facilities, and filthy clogged toilets. Other video has shown locals threatening residents at Hillside.