Bishop Michael Bruce Curry ... Yes Or No?

We say YES, YES, YES!!!

Earlier in the week we were divided over Yanny v Laurel. Today the biggest division gripping social media is over an American Bishop and his 14-minute sermon at the wedding of Harry and Meghan. Yes or No?

American Bishop Michael Curry undoubtedly stole the show at St George's Chapel during Saturday's ceremony, capturing the world's attention with a long and animated sermon.

And while some -- both in the congregation and watching at home -- were politely amused, transfixed  or checking their watches, the overall reaction was positive.

The Chicago-born civil rights activist spoke passionately about the power of love, at times quoting Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

"The power of love is demonstrated by the fact that we're all here. Two young people fell in love and we all showed up," the reverend said.

His energetic sermon, that also touched on social issues, such as poverty and hunger, saw social media light up with encouragement.

There was also bemusement.

Some simply loved it.

Others weren't so sure . . .

And today the jury is still out.

The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry is the 27th Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church in Chicago.

According to the BBC, he has spoken out on social justice issues in the past, including LGBT rights and sexual abuse.

Our verdict: We say YES!

Reverend Michael Curry Steals The Show Delivering 14-Minute Sermon At Royal Wedding