'Poo Jogging': A Public Nuisance, Or A Necessity?

This is one trend from America we could definitely do without!

There's a new trend in town and it's a bit on the nose -- "poo jogging".

The habit, which started in America, has apparently reached our shores, with runners leaving unwanted deposits in public places.

A segment on the topic on Friday night saw The Project "inundated" with public feedback.

31-71 percent of joggers admit to suffering from stomach upsets while running.

According to co-host Natarsha Belling, the US  has been suffering through "a spate of public defecation . . . and the contagion is spreading to Australia".

With a number of recently reported incidents of people defacating in public parks and on private property in Australia, The Project's medical expert Dr Bridie O'Donnell said there's no simple explanation for the behaviour.

"It could be complicated, like a mental illness or it could be a simple deliberate act of antisocial behaviour," she said.

US research shows between 37 and 71 percent of endurance joggers experience abdominal cramps, the urge to go or a loss of control over their bowels either during or immediately after exercise.

Sonda Novak-Booth, who suffers from "runners trots" told The Project she often has to stop when nature calls, using a "doggy bag" when she has one.

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