The Australian Man-Drought: Yes, It's A Real Thing

New data confirms what most single ladies have already found out for themselves -- there are far more women than men across Australia.

What you need to know
  • McCrindle Reaseach reveals most Australian states and territories have a male shortage, with an overall tally of 98.5 males for every 100 women
  • Six out of eight states and territories are currently experiencing a man drought
  • The Northern Territory and Western Australia have a significant male surplus due to more males working at their military bases and mining operations

Man Drought: It's a term single ladies casually throw around time and time again . . . usually after a bad Tinder date, a glass of wine (or two) and another disheartening debrief with an understanding friend about the current dating scene.

But, as it turns out, we ladies are actually on to something.

Apparently the current conditions have become so dire, researchers thought it necessary to investigate. And the results are staggering -- and frankly, quite depressing.

New research by McCrindle reveals most Australian states and territories have a male shortage, with an overall tally of 98.5 males for every 100 women.

Source: McCrindle Research May 2018

So If You're Hoping To Meet A Bloke, Here's Where You Need To Go:

Head North: If you're feeling particularly desperate -- head to Darwin. It's now the main Australian state or territory boasting a higher number of men than women. In the NT, there are almost 110 males for every 100 females. Researchers say that's because of the military bases in the region. Western Australia isn't far behind, but the male numbers are falling, as the mining sector slows down.

Stay In Sydney: If crocodiles and high humidity levels aren't really your thing -- there is some hope left in Sydney. Ironically, right here, near Channel Ten.  Pyrmont apparently has the highest number of men, with 3.6 percent more than any other Sydney suburb. So after-work drinks at the local suddenly seem much more appealing!

Queen of the Desert: Singleton, in outback New South Wales, is well and truly living up to it's name.  This is one of the only other NSW suburbs boasting more men than women, by an extra 4.7 percent. McCrindle researchers say most men there are single, with a median age of 33. But given the population is currently a whopping 89, you still can't be too picky.

Southern Love: While every city and town in Tasmania has higher female populations -- Hobart is the one exception. But before you rush down to MONA in a cute new puffer jacket and beanie, be warned: the male numbers are higher by just 1 percent in the actual CBD -- but not as a whole. Head to west Hobart and the male rates fall back down. Also it's very, very cold.

Man Drought Infographic

Where To Avoid: 

Sydney, in general:  No further explanation is needed. Be single in Sydney for a few months, you'll get it. Also, see above.

Balmain: While Pyrmont is apparently filled with potential partners, you only have to take a quick walk over The Anzac Bridge to find yourself in hopeless territory. Balmain may be just 3.7 kilometres away from the prime meeting spot but it's the worst Sydney suburb for finding single men. The trendy neighbourhood is home to 8.7 percent more females than males. Good coffee though.

The Central Coast:  You're unlikely to meet your soul mate in Wyong but likely to grow your girl group. There's almost an extra 7 percent more females there -- and lots and lots of pelicans.

The Entire State of Queensland: The whole state is saturated with more women than men, with a few promising exceptions. Mining town, Mt Isa has almost 12 percent more fellas.

Is there really hope, or should we just move overseas? 

If reading the above has left you feeling like you might be single forever, then you could always relocate to a brand new, abundantly male country. If so, here are your best options:

But as exotic as lying loved-up on a beach in Fiji or Vanuatu sounds, it would mean nothing if you're stuck with the wrong person -- or under a palm tree with some bloke who only speaks Pidginise.

So in the meantime, you can always pop down to Pyrmont.

And if you still have no luck finding any single fellas here -- hit me up.

We can have a coffee and try to work out where the heck all the good ones are, together.