South Australian Father Jailed For Coaching Son Through Vicious Bashing Of Fellow Teen

A man who was filmed encouraging his son to bash another young boy in Port Augusta last year is behind bars.

What you need to know
  • Graphic footage of a father coaching his son through a fight emerged in December last year
  • The man will serve two months in custody

A South Australian father has been jailed for coaching his son through the vicious bashing of another teenage boy.

The 46 year old was charged with assault after the entire incident in the northern city of Port Augusta was captured on camera last December.

The father, who can’t be named because his son is a minor, was directing a revenge attack on a boy the pair believed had threatened their family.

Father Jailed For Orchestrating Bashing Of Teenager

During the assault, he can be heard telling the victim to apologise, and ordering his son to force the other boy onto his knees. He also threatened the victim that he would “smash your face in” if he tried punching his son.

A magistrate today gave the man a partially suspended five-month sentence, of which he’ll serve two months in custody before entering a good behaviour bond.

His son was not convicted.