Neighbours Left Scared After Indecent Assault Of Girl

Neighbours say they're frightened after an 8-year-old girl was indecently assaulted in her Sydney home.

What you need to know
  • Neighbours of indecent assault victim say they're shocked and scared
  • Police are still hunting the man who climbed through the eight year old's window
  • Community being urged to take note of suspicious activity

Neighbours of an eight-year-old girl indecently assaulted in her bed in Sydney's East say they no longer feel safe.

The eight year old was asleep when a predator climbed through her bedroom window in Kingsford in the early hours of Monday.

During the few minutes he was inside, the man indecently assaulted the child and spoke to her briefly, before leaving the same way he came in.


The community is still coming to terms with the frightening attack.

"It's pretty awful that you're not even safe in your own home," said neighbour Sonia Ross, who is pregnant and expecting a girl.

She is worried about what this means for her area.

"Luckily we live in a secure complex."

Another mother, who was too scared to be named, said she'd now change her habits.

"I would quite happily walk to the service station in the evening with my daughter in the dark but I won't be doing that anymore," she said.

On Thursday fingerprint dust could still be seen on the ground-floor window of the Barker Street house.

Fingerprint dust on the Kingsford window where a man climbed through and indecently assaulted a little girl.

Detectives also returned to continue questioning neighbours in the hope someone saw something to help them catch the offender.

Police have released CCTV footage showing the man slowly crawling in and out of the victim's window.

The incident has also sparked calls for the community to do more to look out for each other.

"People should be able to sleep safely in their houses at night," said Andrew Roydhouse from Kingsford Neighbourhood Watch.

He's encouraging people to keep a notebook and pen near the phone to write down anything that seems odd.

"That could be the crucial piece of information."

Roydhouse said it was all about making "life hard for the criminals", and simple things such as keeping your eyes open and talking to your neighbours could help keep people safe.