Do You Decapitate Your Jelly Babies? Apparently You're Not Alone

The Allen's Lolly Lovers Index results are in, and it appears Australians have some pretty varied preferences when it comes to enjoying their sweet treats.

What you need to know
  • The Allen's Lolly Lovers Index compared the sweet-eating methods of Australians
  • Snakes came out on top as the nation's favorite, however debate remains on the best way to eat them
  • There are differences in how men and women, different states and different ages eat their sweets

One in four Australians will bite the head off a Jelly Baby before they eat the whole thing.

That's according to the first Allen's Lolly Lovers Index -- a study conducted on the YouGov Galaxy Online poll which compared the preferred methods Australians adopt when eating lollies "because for some reason no one has ever produced one before, which seems crazy".

It found the ever-popular Snake separates the nation into groups of biters and stretchers, with 36 percent opting for the chomp and 34 percent taking their time with an initial stretch. The choice also divides the sexes, with more women choosing to stretch while men appear in favour of biting.

Statistically, Snakes are the nation's favourite lolly, however not everyone agrees on how to eat them. Image: Allen's Lolly Lovers Index
"Snakes are always eaten by swinging them around in a circle (like a propeller) then once they are stretched out; eat them all in one mouthful," one respondent wrote.

Australia's states, never immune to a disagreement, also sent back differing preferences in the great Snake debate.

While 40 percent of Victoria and Tasmania are made of stretchers, Western Australia has the biggest population of biters, at 48 percent. Queensland, on the other hand, went ahead and introduced a whole new confectionery tribe of nibblers, with one-fifth of people in the habit of biting along the sweet's length.

Apparently there are all different kinds of Frog eaters. Image: Allen's Lolly Lovers Index

As for Frogs, one-third of people join the Jelly Baby beheading crew, while another third aim to eat them in one go.

Speaking of that Jelly Baby-beheading bunch, 27 percent of them come from NSW and the ACT.

"With Jelly Babies I bite them in half and squish the tops and bottoms of different flavours together," one respondent to the study submitted.

When it comes to Strawberries & Cream, the research revealed one-fifth of the nation splits the treat down the middle and bites the strawberry-part off first.

The least popular methods of eating snakes are tying them in knot and sucking on the snake first. Image: Allen's Lollies Instagram

While these habits are no doubt striking a chord of familiarity, the study also brought to light some slightly more unusual tasting techniques.

Placing lollies in a blender, melting them into a sugary goo, eating them in a sandwich and dipping them into tea stand out as some of the more bizarre anecdotes submitted to the study. Evidently people also freeze Snakes before eating and chopping them into bite-size pieces too.