Brekky Wrap: George And Charlotte At The Royal Wedding, Trump-Kim Summit And Assault Man-Hunt Continues

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

Police are on the hunt for a man who indecently assaulted a young girl when he broke into her home. The man climbed through the girl's window and indecently assaulted her when he was leaving the Kingsford home. The child was asleep in her bed when the incident occurred.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be part of the bridal party at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. George will be a page boy, and Charlotte a bridesmaid. They will be accompanied by Meghan and Harry's godchildren and the children of Markle's friend Jessica Mulroney.

"We'll see." That was Donald Trump's response to reporters' questions on the fate of his historic summit with Kim Jong-un. The North Korean leader threatened to cancel the summit if Trump has one-sided demands on denuclearisation. Trump said The White House hasn't received any confirmation that the meeting is called off.

The White House hopes the North Korean summit goes ahead. Image: Getty Images

Michigan State University will pay over $600 million to settle the lawsuits of 332 victims of Larry Nassar. Nassar sexually abused hundreds of young girls and women during his time as an associate professor and doctor at the university. This payment includes a $99 million fund for any future claimants that allege abuse.

Larry Nassar sexually abused hundreds of women. Image: AAP

John Travolta has said he doesn't really think about the #MeToo movement because he considers himself "a citizen of the world." It's not that Travolta disagrees with #MeToo, it's just that it's not something he gives much thought to.  Needless to say, people weren't too happy about Travolta's position on the movement.

A 37-year-old man is still on the run after fleeing a scene of domestic violence  on Wednesday. Police responded to the reported incident in Oatley in Sydney's south, however arrived at the scene to find the man had left in his car. Helicopters were involved in the search and one local school was in lock-down for safety reasons. Police have located the man's car, but he remains at large.

American Airlines has expanded its list of prohibited items as the crackdown on 'emotional support' animals intensifies. From July 1, passengers on AA flights will be unable to board a plane with reptiles, hedgehogs, insects, rodents or animals with tusks, horns or hooves. Trained service animals and miniature horses are allowed. This policy comes after a passenger attempted to board a flight with a peacock, claiming it offered emotional support.

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