Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim Pardoned, Walks Out Of Hospital

The former Malaysian opposition leader who was jailed on charges of corruption and sodomy has been released.

What you need to know
  • Anwar Ibrahim has been released from prison after receiving a pardon on the basis of "miscarriage of justice."
  • He was jailed on charges of corruption and sodomy four years ago.
  • The individual responsible for his release is Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who was also responsible for his arrest in 1998.

Jailed Malaysian leader Anwar Ibrahim was granted a full pardon on Wednesday and walked free out of a hospital in Kuala Lumpur where he has been undergoing treatment.

Anwar Ibrahim always denied the charges against him and claimed he was a victim of political conspiracy. Image: Reuters

Smiling and waving to supporters, Anwar, 70, was wearing a black suit with a tie. He was surrounded by his family, lawyers and prison guards before getting into a car and driving to the palace for an audience with the king.

“The pardons board has already met and the king has granted a full pardon, which means all past convictions have been expunged,” said Sivarasa Rasiah, Anwar’s lawyer.