Dear Naughty Neighbour: Quieten Down Your Raunchy Afternoon Sessions

An angry grandmother has written a note to her loved-up neighbours, demanding they calm down their afternoon 'performances'.

What you need to know
  • Angry woman claims she was walking her grandchild down the street during a 'loud performance'
  • The resident on the Sunshine Coast was bewildered by the letter and shared it on social media
  • Plot Twist: The homeowner later realised her house sitter was responsible for the 'noisy session'

A concerned grandmother who penned a note to her loud, loved-up neighbours, has sparked an embarrassing turn of events on the Sunshine Coast.

Warana resident Ali Cashat received a handwritten letter from an anonymous neighbour requesting that she and her husband 'quieten down' their rowdy afternoon sessions.

The Sunshine Coast wife had no idea what the concerned writer was talking about, so she naturally shared the note on social media:

"Dear Neighbours, this is a little embarrassing, however we thought it wise to bring it to your attention. Last weekend, whilst walking my granddaughter to the beach we had the misfortune of walking past your property at an unfortunate moment."

The mystery grandma continued, "It was very difficult to explain to my young granddaughter the noises coming from your bedroom at the side of your house next to the path."

"Whilst not wanting to infringe on your privacy, I think it would be best practice to close the windows to prevent a repeat performance. Yours respectfully... "

But it turns out Ali and her husband weren't home at the time. They were overseas.

So, a search was launched for the enthusiastic couple.

And cue plot twist: Turns out it was the housesitter who had been enjoying more than just the accommodation.

The homeowners have since expressed their embarrassment over the case of mistaken identity, with Ms Cashat saying they've "been married way too long to partake in such activities - and with such gusto before sunset."

The letter has fueled an online debate about whether the actions of the house sitter were appropriate -- and whether the raunchy session should have been reserved for nighttime hours -- and with the windows closed.

But others think the  grandmother is the one who should be apologising. With one user saying, "Probably the neighbour should try some afternoon delight themselves and loosen up LOL."

Provided she does it quietly.