Ten Eyewitness News Exclusive: How Wind Power Is Taking Off in Australia

Ten Eyewitness News was given a special tour of AGL's world class wind farm that's just been switched on.

What you need to know
  • The Silverton Wind Farm is being built near Broken Hill
  • The turbines will create enough energy to power thousands of NSW homes
  • AGL has now switched on two turbines, which are now feeding the grid
  • 58 turbines will be built by the end of the year

A new wind farm has just been switched on in NSW, creating enough energy to power thousands of homes.

Ten Eyewitness News was given special access to AGL's Silverton Wind Farm site -- 26 kilometres out of Broken Hill.

Crews have been battling high wind speeds to construct the turbines. So far, 12 have been erected. Two have now been switched on -- and are now feeding the grid.

Once constructed, all 58 turbines will generate 200 megawatts a year - enough energy to power 137,000 NSW homes.

Building the world class wind farm has been no easy task for engineers. The huge blades are the biggest in Australia.

Construction crews need to wait for wind speeds to drop below 12 metres per second to assemble the massive turbines -- so naturally, strong gusts in the region have caused delays.

Silverton Wind Farm has been financed by the $2 billion AGL backed Powering Australian Renewables Fund.