Daniel Heazlewood Jailed For Killing His Mother

Daniel Heazlewood had a genuine hatred for his mother, and after a scuffle in 2009 he moved her body into the bedroom and didn't check on her for two days... by then, she was dead.

What you need to know
  • Daniel Heazlewood killed his mother in 2009 after a scuffle
  • He buried her corpse with limes, because he had seen it in a movie
  • Judge found her had a 'genuine hatred' for his mother and never regretted killing her

Linda Sidon’s parents in New Zealand passed away not knowing how she died, or who’d killed her.

Today, Linda’s son Daniel Heazlewood was sentenced for her manslaughter, and for interfering with a corpse over her 2009 death.

The 46-year-old was killed after a brief scuffle with her son at their Gold Coast home.

He moved her unconscious body from the floor into her bedroom, but didn’t check for any sign of life for two days.

By then she was dead.

Today, the Supreme Court in Brisbane heard he buried her in a shallow grave in the Gold Coast Hinterland, and covered her with lime – his actions inspired by a movie.

“That conduct involves disgraceful behaviour. You were the deceased’s own son. You disrespected her completely.” – Justice David Boddice said in court.

“It seems to me you held a genuine hatred for your mother and never regretted her demise.”

Throughout the six years before his 2015 arrest, police considered him a person of interest, however their breakthrough came when a listening device planted in his car captured him saying, “She pushed me too far one day, so I killed her.”

He lied to family about her traveling to New Zealand, even texting her employers to say she’d left the country.

The court heard Heazlewood was about twice his mother’s weight, and he’d been going to the gym regularly and taking steroids at the time of her death.

Despite leading police to her grave, a number of searches have failed to find any remains.

Pauline Sidon, Linda’s older sister today delivered a moving victim impact statement as their nephew was sentenced.

She said she was relieved her parents were, “spared the heartache of knowing Linda was killed by their grandson. Their hearts and souls would have been broken.”

Heazlewood was also sentenced on drug, weapons and vehicle offences.

With time already served, he’ll be eligible for parole in July 2019 at age 32.