Brekky Wrap: One Family Behind Indonesia Bombings, Turnbull's Rating Boost And The U.S Embassy Moves To Jerusalem

All the news you need to know this Monday.

Indonesian Police say the suicide bombers who attacked three churches on Sunday were from the same family. The father's family carried out one of the attacks, the man's sons aged 18 and 16 managed another, while their mother and two girls aged 12 and nine carried out the third bombing. Police also said the family had been fighting in Syria with Islamic State prior to returning to Indonesia. The bombings killed at least 13 people.

Mass protests are expected along the Gaza Border and in the West Bank as the U.S. Embassy moves to Jerusalem.  The move, which was announced by Donald Trump in December 2017, was welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as "the right thing to do." The decision however, infuriated Palestinians who also lay claim to Jerusalem, resulting in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas delaying peace talks with the U.S. President.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has received a post-budget rating boost from voters.  The PM's eight point improvement sees him equal his 2016 election rating, according to a News Poll published by The Australian. The Coalition however, still trails Labor 49-51 on a two-party preferred basis.

PM's gets a post-budget ratings boost. Image: Getty Images.

The parents of Allison Baden-Clay have said they regret not doing more to intervene in their daughter's abusive marriage. Now, they are using their daughter's story to encourage others to act against the warning signs of domestic violence. Baden-Clay was murdered by her husband in April 2013.

Donald Trump has said that is he working to give Chinese company ZTE "a way to get back to business, fast." The country's telecom company announced last week that it has stopped production following Trump's sanctions on China. Trump now says he's working with President Xi Jinping to get ZTE back on its feet.

Marvel Boss Kevin Feige has said that Ms. Marvel's debut on the silver screen is "in the works". Speaking to the BBC, Feige said the franchise's Muslim Hero will be introduced to the world following the Captain Marvel film, which is currently being filmed.

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