Seven People Found Dead In Suspected Murder-Suicide Near Margaret River

The bodies of four children and three adults have been found at a Western Australia property.

What you need to know
  • Seven people found dead at a home near Margaret River
  • Two firearms were found at the scene
  • Police were called to the rural property at 5.15am on Friday and are investigating the deaths

The bodies of three adults and four children have been found at a home in Osmington  in Western Australia.

The ABC is reporting that police are treating the deaths as a murder-suicide, however this is yet to be confirmed.

Police received a call about 5.15am on Friday morning calling them to the rural property about 20km northeast of Margaret River. On arrival at the home, police found the bodies of three adults and four children. Two bodies were located outside and the remaining five inside the house.

Two firearms were located at the house, however police could not comment on the age of any of the victims or the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

The bodies were found at a property in Osmington, about 270km south of Perth, WA.

If the deaths are confirmed as a shooting, it would be Australia's worst mass shooting since the Port Arthur massacre in 1966, in which Martin Bryant killed 35 people in the Tasmanian town.

"As I'm sure you'd appreciate it, it's not appropriate for me to speculate on any further matters," WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said.

"This devastating tragedy will no doubt have a lasting impact on the families concerned, the whole community and, in particular, the local communities in our south-west."

Dawson said the victims appeared to be residents of the property but police could not confirm identities until family of the deceased had been located.

WA Police also said there was no imminent danger to the surrounding community.

"I can only say at this point in time, we have no information to raise concern about wider public safety issues at this point in time," Dawson said.

Specialist units from Perth, including the Homicide Squad and Forensic Crime Scene Unit, have deployed to the scene. Police are expected to remain at the residence for an extended period of time.

WA Police will release an update to the community later on Friday.

More to come.

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