A-CHOC-alypse: Tonnes Of Milk Chocolate Spills Across Polish Highway

12 tonnes of chocolate gone, just like that.

What you need to know
  • Tonnes of chocolate spill across a Polish highway
  • The drying chocolate stopped traffic in both directions
  • It's unclear what caused the truck to tip

Sugar-crazed zombies running around eating the heads off chocolate bunnies and Oompa Loompas sliding all over the streets.

This really doesn't seem very silly after a lorry toppled over on a highway in western Poland, spilling 12 tonnes of liquid milk chocolate across the road. It truly is an 'a-CHOC-alypse'.

As the midday sun warmed the chocolate, it began to set on the road, stopping traffic in both directions. A bulldozer was used to scrape the mess from the highway, an operation that was expected to take hours.

Senior brigadier Bogdan Kowalski confirmed that cleaning up the chocolate would be a big job.

"Even oil stains are easier and quicker to remove than smeared chocolate. It's a time-consuming task. Layers of chocolate can only be removed from the tarmac with warm pressured water," he said

It's not clear what caused the truck to tip obscene amounts of chocolatey goodness onto the road and the driver was taken to hospital with a broken arm.

No one else was injured in the accident, accept for a few who are sure to have broken hearts after seeing so much chocolate go to waste.